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Natasha Scharf is an author, DJ and broadcaster of all things dark and beautiful. Her new book 'The Art of Gothic' was published by Omnibus Press Halloween in 2014.



Dressed head-to-toe in black, often with extreme make-up, the gothic look has been a popular once since the 1980s. Gothic art is about more than just album covers and ephemera; it's about fashion, book jackets, cinematography, computer graphics and fine arts. And its influence frequently seeps through into mainstream culture. The first ever English language collection of gothic images available. Features 224 pages of gothic photography and artwork. Contains up to date references that encompass the modern gothic movement as well as the original movement that came from punk. Gathers imagery from around the world, including previously unpublished photographs and artwork. Each chapter includes two special features, including profiles of influential artists or styles. Features articles on the work of well-known artists such as Anne Sudworth and Roman Dirge as well as graphic design teams Parched Art, Leisure Process and 23 Envelope.


Meet Natasha Scharf, Sarah Channing Wright and A J Blakemont on Saturday 28th February 2015 at 3pm, The Penderel's Oak Pub in Holborn, London, UK. See you there!
Further information available at http://www.blakemont.com/events.html